Yard signs in my neighborhood

Lawn Signs

These signs scare me and this is one of the reasons I joined this company over 25 years ago. I have raised 3 kids in a number of different properties and have had many different pets; my dog Max for example who lives on the lawn almost every day of the year. I can’t imagine either keeping them off of the lawn or worrying about whether they have been exposed to chemicals that may have some impact on them later on in life.

I have no worries after applying natural or organic fertilizers. Yes, weeds may live in my lawn for a little while, but I have found in at least 2 properties that after using our products (WOW Supreme; Spring Lawns Alive!; Fall Lawns Alive! and of course our Turf Type Tall Fescue grass seed, which is key to the process) I have had the best lawn in the neighbourhood after 3 to 4 years!

We have many great customers and the most supportive of our lawn products are customers that have used a lawn care service and have had their favorite pet pass away subsequently. I don’t know if the lawn care service products caused or were part of the cause of a pet passing away, but why take the chance? Using natural, organic fertilizers and pest controls on your lawn will get you an even better lawn without ANY worries of applying chemicals. I didn’t even go into the effects on leopard frogs, ground water contamination, honey bees…


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