Tipp City Community Garden, Sponsored by Gardens Alive! is in its 5th Year

Young gardeners are a huge part of what makes our community garden come together.

The goal of the community garden has always been to offer a place to bring families together and learn how to garden. We have a core of about 30 gardeners from the Tipp City, Ohio area that are the back bone of the vegetable plots. They offer advice, seeds and plants to the new gardeners Read More

Planting organic garlic in raised beds and grow tubs

Grow Tub Fall Garlic Research Farm 2014 1

I planted some of the Gardens Alive Organic Late Italian Garlic in some Grow Tubs and a raised bed at the Community Garden this past Wednesday. The Grow Tubs were 20 gallons and I planted about 20 cloves. This is pretty tight spacing, but I am always interested in trying to maximize yield in Read More

Updates from our research farm

Summer Squash

At Gardens Alive!, we don’t just sell plants and seeds – we also do a great deal of research and testing. At our research farm, develop improved varieties, test new plants from our partner horticulturalists, and assure the quality of our stock. Since the farm is such an important part of our business (and since Read More

Square Foot Gardening with Seed Mats

Envy Carrot

Envy Carrots grown from seed mat

Seed Mat – Radish

If you haven’t tried our seed mats before, they’re a really simple way of laying out your garden and growing vegetables quickly. Each mat contains soil and seeds; simply place the mat in the garden and provide adequate water – they practically grow Read More

The Cardboard Garden

Cardboard Garden

The Cardboard Garden is a test picked up from gardeners in England that use cardboard laid down first and mounded with compost and soil. This is to help avoid weeds and eliminates the need to roto-till, which wreaks havoc with soil life. For the soil, I used recycled nursery media. The test is planted Read More

Craig’s Tabasco Sauce pepper mix

Tabasco Peppers

An update from the Gardens Alive! test garden!

Peppers are transplanted and grown here at our test garden. I have 2 test varieties, one hot and one sweet and the others are Tabasco. I will harvest the Tabasco peppers in the fall and make Tabasco sauce with them. It takes 2 years for the mash Read More