Solve blossom end rot with Enz Rot

Blossom End Rot Tomatoes

So your tomato plants look healthy, but, when it comes time to harvest the fruit, you find yourself surprised by tomatoes that looks like this:


What happened?!

Blossom end rot can ruin tomato fruit; it can also occur in peppers and eggplants. Insufficient calcium within the fruit leads to a weakening of the Read More

Craig’s garden updates

Tomato Plants

Just a quick update on my own garden at home – I shared a few photos of my garden earlier in the season, and I’m really pleased with how things are coming along. I hope to show more progression and (hopefully) capture my harvest as well as the summer goes on.

Below are my Stonehead Read More

My direct sowing experiment

Moskvich Tomato

Moskvich Tomato

Direct seeding experiment with tomatoes, direct seeded on April 27th.

Every year I like to try something different in my garden. This year’s experiment was to take crops that I would normally start indoors and direct seed them. Because of cool weather it took the seed a while to come up, Read More