Why we are waiting for the Forsythia to bloom

Forsythia Blooming

I have been keeping a careful eye out for the spring flush of Forsythia flowers. There hasn’t been anything yellow in the landscape except daffodils. Then, we reached 75˚ for a couple of days and like magic, the Forsythia was in bloom!

Why do I watch this every spring? Blooming Forsythia is a phonological indicator Read More

Q&A with Craig: grubHALT! Bt for Lawn

WOW Treated Lawn

We’re introducing some great new products for spring! This week, we asked our product expert, Craig, about our new grubHALT! Bt for Lawn!

What makes the active ingredient, Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) galleriae, so effective against grubs? How does it work?

Craig: The patented strain of Bt galleriae that we are using (SDS-502) was developed because Read More

Feed and weed your lawn in the fall

Spreading WOW Lawn Treatment

I spread WOW Lawn Treatment in my lawn each fall, and again in the spring.

Fall is a very important time to take care of your lawn. Additional rain and cooler temperatures can lead to a green October – a welcome sight, after the off-green August we had here in the Midwest. In order Read More