Summer gardening tips and solutions

As the weather continues to heat up, keeping your yard and garden tidy can be tough! Here’s our summer tip checklist.

Tipp City's Community Gardens is in full bloom.

Tipp City’s Community Gardens is in full bloom. Try our natural fertilizer to keep your plants green.


  • Weeding- keep up by checking out your gardening daily. If you wait for just the weekends, weeds can explode.
  • Harvest daily as well. By keeping your beans and cukes picked, more will come on. Vegetables taste better younger and fresher as well.
  • Plant for fall harvest- lettuces, carrots, Kale, herbs are among the vegetables that you will be able to pick late summer early fall


  • Keep the yard mowed (remember 3 to 4” high) to help keep any invading weeds at back. No need to rake up the cuttings, they become a great source of humus for the soil and nitrogen for the grass- cut only a third of the bade height at any mowing.
  • Spot weed any invading weeds with Iron-X.

Flower Beds

  • Remember to apply the second application of your natural fertilizer (such as Flowers Alive!) to help continue your plants producing flowers


  • Keep water clean, fresh and available during the hot months.
  • Contrary to popular belief, birds still could use some extra food during the summer months and feeding provides a great opportunity to see  the young birds with their parents.

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