Tackling the Flea Beetle Problem

Flea Beetle Damage

Small “shot holes” in leaves are indicative of flea beetle damage.

A flea beetle can walk, jump and fly, and their size and speed mean that they’re generally pretty stealthy. Unfortunately, they also target almost all vegetable crops and they really wreak havoc on young transplants . You’ll want to know how to look Read More

Tipp City Community Garden, Sponsored by Gardens Alive! is in its 5th Year

Young gardeners are a huge part of what makes our community garden come together.

The goal of the community garden has always been to offer a place to bring families together and learn how to garden. We have a core of about 30 gardeners from the Tipp City, Ohio area that are the back bone of the vegetable plots. They offer advice, seeds and plants to the new gardeners Read More

Yard signs in my neighborhood

Lawn Signs

These signs scare me and this is one of the reasons I joined this company over 25 years ago. I have raised 3 kids in a number of different properties and have had many different pets; my dog Max for example who lives on the lawn almost every day of the year. I can’t Read More

Battling cucumber beetles

Cucumber Beetle Damage

I was out at the Tipp City Community Gardens yesterday, and saw a handful of cucumber beetles – and it wasn’t long before I saw their handiwork on some of our zucchini plants.

Cucumber beetles are usually yellow with spots or stripes. Striped and spotted beetles actually have slightly different habits, but both eat Read More

Bee-friending bees

Bees in Garden

With nature’s most proficient pollinators – bees – dying out in startling numbers in the past few years, there’s a newfound appreciation for bees and a much needed sense of urgency to bring an end to the ominous decline of the bee population. Want to help out bees? You need only make a few adjustments Read More

Craig’s recipe for compost success

Recipe for Fast 'n' Easy Compost

Getting that new batch of compost going seems tricky…but it’s actually pretty simple! Click this card for Craig’s tried and true recipe – and make the compost your garden craves.

Craig demonstrates easy container gardening – Video

Easy Container Gardening

Craig demonstrates our new and improved grow tubs – and shows how to easily fill these garden containers.


Asparagus in Raised Beds

TCCG Raised Bed

I have been watching my asparagus in raised beds trial anticipating a small harvest this year. I started the plants from seed I received from a breeder in 2012. This is the sister variety to AsparaBest™ Asparagus. They have been happily growing, surviving some cold winters. I thought this winter would be the end of Read More

Why we are waiting for the Forsythia to bloom

Forsythia Blooming

I have been keeping a careful eye out for the spring flush of Forsythia flowers. There hasn’t been anything yellow in the landscape except daffodils. Then, we reached 75˚ for a couple of days and like magic, the Forsythia was in bloom!

Why do I watch this every spring? Blooming Forsythia is a phonological indicator Read More

Benefits of a Raised Bed

Raised Bed overall after planting

Prepping the raised bed.

Two years ago I built 2 raised beds at our community garden that Gardens Alive! hosts. I built them for easy access to all sides since I have neighbours adjacent to my plot (3’ by 10’ by 10” deep). I used them last year for extra test seeds and plants Read More