June 6 marks National Gardening Exercise Day

Lots of us have find gardening to be good for the soul – there’s something relaxing about digging in the dirt, and watching a seed grow to its full-size can be truly inspiring. But, do you think of gardening as good for the body, as well?

National Gardening Exercise Day is intended┬áto recognize the important physical health benefits of gardening. And gardening is great exercise! Between digging, planting, carrying equipment, bending and everything else, gardening uses all of the major muscle groups. Add in shoveling, raking and hoeing, and you’re getting a cardio workout too. In addition to the movements made by gardeners, gardening provides┬ástress relief, the mental activity of planning out your plot, and, often, a nutritious product – your fruits and vegetables!

This weekend, celebrate your health by getting outside and gardening!

Gardening for Exercise

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