Health Benefits of Houseplants

Office Houseplant

Houseplants infuse freshness, harmony and inimitable living beauty into our homes. Great as they are for gorgeous decor, houseplants are also highly beneficial to our health and wellbeing.

Houseplants help clean the air

Researchers at NASA have discovered that plant leaves and roots are capable of removing low levels of toxic chemicals like formaldehyde and Read More

Creating a winter habitat for chickadees


Chickadee’s tenacity to stick around through cold winters are one of the characteristics we love about them! They’re one of those classic “Christmas card” birds, and perk up the winter scene in many Midwestern yards. Make your backyard welcoming to these birds, and encourage them to stay all year long.

Chickadee’s typically live on a Read More

Cold weather kale trials

Kale Leaf

We planted kale at the research farm on the 30th both in containers and in beds. We chose a handful of varieties – Red Russian, Siberian, Lacinto and Dwarf Curly Scotch.

I attended a vegetable trial this summer, and learned that there are two traditional kale planting times; a summer planting and a winter planting. Read More

Protect your plants from the cold with Thermal Plant Protectors

Thermal Plant Protectors

Many gardeners know that keeping plants safe in their earliest stages can be tough. This year, Gardens Alive! is selling the plant protectors we use in our test gardens! Thermal Plant Protectors are a simple, cost-efficient way to protect your seedlings and small trees from the elements. Gardens Alive owner and founder Niles Kinerk uses Read More