Envy Carrot Harvest – Video

Carrot Harvest Video

Craig shows off a new harvest of Envy Carrots from our Grow Tubs. Watch our video and be sure to visit our website!


Ka-Bluey Blueberries in Grow Tubs

Blueberry Video

Craig shows off a Ka-Bluey Blueberry plant growing in our Grow Tubs! These hearty berries are doing particularly well in containers – they’re packed with blueberries that should be nice and ripe by the end of this week.

Here are a few more Ka-Bluey photos – we’re really pleased with the growth and yield Read More

Craig demonstrates easy container gardening – Video

Easy Container Gardening

Craig demonstrates our new and improved grow tubs – and shows how to easily fill these garden containers.


Sweet potato harvest – Video

Sweet Potato Harvest

A few weeks back, I was thrilled to harvest the Murasaki Sweet Potatoes I’d planted in Grow Tubs. This was my first experience with this variety, and I was happy with the yield.

Watch our BugVibes Japanese beetle deterrent in action!

BugVibes Video

Haven’t tried our BugVibes Japanese beetle deterrent yet? Watch it in action in this video – BugVibes deters beetles without the use of chemicals.