Envy Carrot Harvest – Video

Carrot Harvest Video

Craig shows off a new harvest of Envy Carrots from our Grow Tubs. Watch our video and be sure to visit our website!


Craig’s recipe for compost success

Recipe for Fast 'n' Easy Compost

Getting that new batch of compost going seems tricky…but it’s actually pretty simple! Click this card for Craig’s tried and true recipe – and make the compost your garden craves.

Health benefits of Onions

Onions: Their presence in your favorite dishes may sometimes go unnoticed, but their absence is always very noticeable. Onions are indispensable to innumerable recipes around the world, and their culinary worth has been known for centuries. But onions have more to offer than just good flavor; they also have immense health benefits.

Our Candy Read More

Health Benefits of Peppers

Olympus Organic Sweet Peppers

Peppers – both hot and sweet varieties – are a significant source of essential vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and antioxidants, and pack plenty of disease-fighting properties. Take a look at some of the many health benefits of adding fresh or cooked peppers to your diet!

Mix some organic (and healthy!) sweetness into your garden with Read More

Pre-St. Paddy’s Day Potatoes

Purple Potato Harvest

I received a sample last fall of Purple Majesty potatoes. I have been looking at these super nutritious potatoes that are packed with anthocyanins for quite some time. I hope to have an offering in the catalog soon.

This past December I am typically itching to get out and plant something; to quell this urge, Read More

Planting organic garlic in raised beds and grow tubs

Grow Tub Fall Garlic Research Farm 2014 1

I planted some of the Gardens Alive Organic Late Italian Garlic in some Grow Tubs and a raised bed at the Community Garden this past Wednesday. The Grow Tubs were 20 gallons and I planted about 20 cloves. This is pretty tight spacing, but I am always interested in trying to maximize yield in Read More

Cold weather kale trials

Kale Leaf

We planted kale at the research farm on the 30th both in containers and in beds. We chose a handful of varieties – Red Russian, Siberian, Lacinto and Dwarf Curly Scotch.

I attended a vegetable trial this summer, and learned that there are two traditional kale planting times; a summer planting and a winter planting. Read More

Onion harvest video

Square Foot Garden Onion Harvest

I harvested onions today – I’ve had great success with the root vegetables planted in our Grow Tubs, and have already pulled potatoes and carrots this year. I’d planted onions using our Square Foot Gardening Seed Mat. They’re a Cortland variety, and had a great harvest – I got about four pounds and 29 onions. Read More

What a difference fertilizer makes!


I think these pictures show that it is amazing the difference that a little fertilizer makes! These photos are from a tomato fertilizer test I am running at the farm. I am testing a variety of different fertilizers and in all cases the plants fertilized are considerably different in size versus the unfertilized or control Read More

Solve blossom end rot with Enz Rot

Blossom End Rot Tomatoes

So your tomato plants look healthy, but, when it comes time to harvest the fruit, you find yourself surprised by tomatoes that looks like this:


What happened?!

Blossom end rot can ruin tomato fruit; it can also occur in peppers and eggplants. Insufficient calcium within the fruit leads to a weakening of the Read More