Succession planting – how and why

Succession Planting Lettuce

Succession planting typically involves growing one crop right after another in the same space (sometimes planting the seeds of the new crop before the first crop has been harvested) or growing a single crop in succession in different growing spaces. For example, you can plant cool weather vegetables like early beets, lettuce and carrots at Read More

Asparagus in Raised Beds

TCCG Raised Bed

I have been watching my asparagus in raised beds trial anticipating a small harvest this year. I started the plants from seed I received from a breeder in 2012. This is the sister variety to AsparaBest™ Asparagus. They have been happily growing, surviving some cold winters. I thought this winter would be the end of Read More

The best varieties for container gardening

Compact Sunflower

I have spent the last couple of years researching containers and vegetable varieties that would work well for container vegetable growing on your patio, deck, or whatever convenient location you would like. Much research went into finding Grow Tubs. From a plant perspective, I have not found any other container that allows plants to thrive Read More

Growing carrots with Grow Tubs – Video

Growing Carrots Video

Watch as Craig discusses growing and harvesting carrots with our Grow Tubs!


Square Foot Gardening Seed Mat harvest

Square Foot Gardening Seed Mat

Square Foot Gardening Seed Mat

These carrots were harvested today. 7.7 lbs of great tasting Envy carrots were harvested in my raised bed at the Tipp City Community Garden. I used the Square Foot Gardening Seed Mat to grow these. The mats are only 12” x 12” and can be used in any raised Read More

Look away if you’re grossed out by dead flies…

Fly Trap Comparison

But I’m thrilled with the performance of our disposable fly traps. This is a photo of a test that was run by a researcher in Colorado for Gardens Alive!. He commented that our trap caught easily twice as many flies in a 2 week time period versus a competitor.

Read More

What a difference fertilizer makes!


I think these pictures show that it is amazing the difference that a little fertilizer makes! These photos are from a tomato fertilizer test I am running at the farm. I am testing a variety of different fertilizers and in all cases the plants fertilized are considerably different in size versus the unfertilized or control Read More

Identifying stink bugs and asparagus beetles in the garden

Spined Soldier Bug

I was checking my garden on Sunday, and decided to have a look at what was happening in my asparagus bed. I immediately noticed Asparagus Beetle activity. First I noticed the adults. There were both types eating my asparagus ferns, the Common and Spotted Asparagus beetle. And then upon closer inspection, I saw the larvae. Read More

Good bugs for your garden

Beneficial Lacewing

We all want to see butterflies and bumblebees in the garden – but did you know that some of those less-than-beautiful bugs might be helping your plants thrive? Can you identify a lacewing – and, more importantly, can you attract them to your garden?

One of our favorite gardening associations put out this list of Read More

First sow of the season – carrots and beets

Worm Castings

Envy carrots were the perfect element to my favorite carrot and beet soup.

On March 11th, I sowed my early season vegetables: onion, red beet, and carrot seeds (one of the first things I learned in the seed business: “You sow seed, and you plant plants,” so I always make sure to use the Read More