Summer gardening tips and solutions

Tipp City's Community Gardens is in full bloom.

As the weather continues to heat up, keeping your yard and garden tidy can be tough! Here’s our summer tip checklist.

Tipp City’s Community Gardens is in full bloom. Try our natural fertilizer to keep your plants green.


Weeding- keep up by checking out your gardening daily. If you wait for just the Read More

Bring pollinators to your garden

Feeding Bee

Honeybees have been disappearing in record numbers, and they are not the only pollinators that are imperiled. Some butterflies and native bees have experienced significant population declines also, says Eric Mäder, Assistant Pollinator Program Director for the Xerces Society.

It was just a few years ago that homeowners were asking what they could plant that Read More

Square Foot Gardening Seed Mat harvest

Square Foot Gardening Seed Mat

Square Foot Gardening Seed Mat

These carrots were harvested today. 7.7 lbs of great tasting Envy carrots were harvested in my raised bed at the Tipp City Community Garden. I used the Square Foot Gardening Seed Mat to grow these. The mats are only 12” x 12” and can be used in any raised Read More

A caterpillar conundrum

Swallowtail in Garden

I have some square foot garden mats growing in my raised beds in the community garden. One of the ones that is near harvesting is the Envy Carrot Mat. When I went to check on it, I noticed 6 or 7 large, actually quite beautiful caterpillars munching on my carrot tops. I realized they were Read More

What a difference fertilizer makes!


I think these pictures show that it is amazing the difference that a little fertilizer makes! These photos are from a tomato fertilizer test I am running at the farm. I am testing a variety of different fertilizers and in all cases the plants fertilized are considerably different in size versus the unfertilized or control Read More

How to grow potatoes in grow tubs (video)

How to Grow in Tubs

Craig shows how easy it is to grow potatoes in our Grow Tubs. Aerating soil and harvesting potatoes takes less effort when you use these containers!

Updates from our research farm

Summer Squash

At Gardens Alive!, we don’t just sell plants and seeds – we also do a great deal of research and testing. At our research farm, develop improved varieties, test new plants from our partner horticulturalists, and assure the quality of our stock. Since the farm is such an important part of our business (and since Read More

Craig’s garden updates

Tomato Plants

Just a quick update on my own garden at home – I shared a few photos of my garden earlier in the season, and I’m really pleased with how things are coming along. I hope to show more progression and (hopefully) capture my harvest as well as the summer goes on.

Below are my Stonehead Read More

Grow Tub Update

Kennebec Potato Flowers

My potato plants are coming along nicely – check out these beauties growing in Garden’s Alive’s grow tubs. I plant Kennebec potatoes each summer; they are a top-yielding variety and produce good-sized tubers.

Grow Tubs

Kennebec Potato Flowers

Kennebec Potato Flowers


Read More

Planting radishes among carrots

Organic Radish Mix

This is one of my favorite gardening tricks – and a great solution for that “where did I plant what” puzzlement you might experience when looking at your garden. Carrots (and spinach, and beets) take a long time to germinate, and I often lost sight of where I planted rows, especially when I’m working with Read More