Benefits of a Raised Bed

Raised Bed overall after planting

Prepping the raised bed.

Two years ago I built 2 raised beds at our community garden that Gardens Alive! hosts. I built them for easy access to all sides since I have neighbours adjacent to my plot (3’ by 10’ by 10” deep). I used them last year for extra test seeds and plants Read More

Seed Starting with kids

Kids gardening

Inspire your kids and grandkids to become gardeners this year! Our easy-to-use All Roots Seed Starting System is a great way to introduce little ones to growing. The kit comes complete with grow plugs, floating foam tray, plastic base and a humidity dome. The unique design allows grow plugs to absorb just the right amount Read More

Planting organic garlic in raised beds and grow tubs

Grow Tub Fall Garlic Research Farm 2014 1

I planted some of the Gardens Alive Organic Late Italian Garlic in some Grow Tubs and a raised bed at the Community Garden this past Wednesday. The Grow Tubs were 20 gallons and I planted about 20 cloves. This is pretty tight spacing, but I am always interested in trying to maximize yield in Read More

Onion harvest video

Square Foot Garden Onion Harvest

I harvested onions today – I’ve had great success with the root vegetables planted in our Grow Tubs, and have already pulled potatoes and carrots this year. I’d planted onions using our Square Foot Gardening Seed Mat. They’re a Cortland variety, and had a great harvest – I got about four pounds and 29 onions. Read More

Square Foot Gardening Seed Mat harvest

Square Foot Gardening Seed Mat

Square Foot Gardening Seed Mat

These carrots were harvested today. 7.7 lbs of great tasting Envy carrots were harvested in my raised bed at the Tipp City Community Garden. I used the Square Foot Gardening Seed Mat to grow these. The mats are only 12” x 12” and can be used in any raised Read More