Craig’s recipe for compost success

Recipe for Fast 'n' Easy Compost

Getting that new batch of compost going seems tricky…but it’s actually pretty simple! Click this card for Craig’s tried and true recipe – and make the compost your garden craves.

Why we are waiting for the Forsythia to bloom

Forsythia Blooming

I have been keeping a careful eye out for the spring flush of Forsythia flowers. There hasn’t been anything yellow in the landscape except daffodils. Then, we reached 75˚ for a couple of days and like magic, the Forsythia was in bloom!

Why do I watch this every spring? Blooming Forsythia is a phonological indicator Read More

First Day of Spring

Seedlings in Seed Starter

Of course it was very cold and raining this morning, the First Day of Spring. I don’t believe I realized it was the First Day of Spring (probably due to the weather and it is still very dark when I make my way to work) until I hit my emails and saw all the First Read More

Pre-St. Paddy’s Day Potatoes

Purple Potato Harvest

I received a sample last fall of Purple Majesty potatoes. I have been looking at these super nutritious potatoes that are packed with anthocyanins for quite some time. I hope to have an offering in the catalog soon.

This past December I am typically itching to get out and plant something; to quell this urge, Read More

Getting great seed germination every time

germinating seeds

As winter starts (hopefully) winding to a close, we’re looking ahead to planting those early spring seeds. What can you do to ensure the success of your seeds? Here are a few tips to get your seeds to germinate successfully.

Things to Remember

Always use fresh, quality seeds. Plan ahead, so you have ample time Read More

Bring pollinators to your garden

Feeding Bee

Honeybees have been disappearing in record numbers, and they are not the only pollinators that are imperiled. Some butterflies and native bees have experienced significant population declines also, says Eric Mäder, Assistant Pollinator Program Director for the Xerces Society.

It was just a few years ago that homeowners were asking what they could plant that Read More

Solve blossom end rot with Enz Rot

Blossom End Rot Tomatoes

So your tomato plants look healthy, but, when it comes time to harvest the fruit, you find yourself surprised by tomatoes that looks like this:


What happened?!

Blossom end rot can ruin tomato fruit; it can also occur in peppers and eggplants. Insufficient calcium within the fruit leads to a weakening of the Read More

Planting radishes among carrots

Organic Radish Mix

This is one of my favorite gardening tricks – and a great solution for that “where did I plant what” puzzlement you might experience when looking at your garden. Carrots (and spinach, and beets) take a long time to germinate, and I often lost sight of where I planted rows, especially when I’m working with Read More

June 6 marks National Gardening Exercise Day

Gardening for Exercise

Lots of us have find gardening to be good for the soul – there’s something relaxing about digging in the dirt, and watching a seed grow to its full-size can be truly inspiring. But, do you think of gardening as good for the body, as well?

National Gardening Exercise Day is intended to recognize the Read More

Craig’s Tabasco Sauce pepper mix

Tabasco Peppers

An update from the Gardens Alive! test garden!

Peppers are transplanted and grown here at our test garden. I have 2 test varieties, one hot and one sweet and the others are Tabasco. I will harvest the Tabasco peppers in the fall and make Tabasco sauce with them. It takes 2 years for the mash Read More