Finding Colorado Potato Beetles

Colorado Potato Beetle

In chatting with one of the fellow gardeners at the Tipp City Community Gardens, we found little “piggies” all over her potato plants. I call them piggies because I used to rear them in a lab I worked at during my college days (University of Guelph, Ontario Canada). The adult female beetles would lay the Read More

St. Patrick’s Day Vegetable Plantings

Potatoes in Grow Bag

March 17th, traditionally known as St. Patrick’s Day, has always been the kick-off to spring vegetable plantings. Many times I have stood in the muck (Ohio Spring Soil) and planted my peas and potatoes in the mire. The problem with our weather is that we still have a little more winter to come and plenty Read More

Pre-St. Paddy’s Day Potatoes

Purple Potato Harvest

I received a sample last fall of Purple Majesty potatoes. I have been looking at these super nutritious potatoes that are packed with anthocyanins for quite some time. I hope to have an offering in the catalog soon.

This past December I am typically itching to get out and plant something; to quell this urge, Read More