How to keep your dogs and cats flea-free naturally


Adult fleas spend most of their time in carpets and upholstery, only jumping onto your pets (or you) when reproducing. A female flea needs a drink of blood before she can lay eggs, which are then usually laid directly on the host animal. Flea eggs are round and light-colored. They are not attached to the Read More

More on fleas – and keeping them off your furry loved ones

Flea Life Cycle

I wrote last week about my favorite products for keeping fleas away from my dog, Max. I thought I’d add in a little more information about fleas, their life cycle, and how to get them the heck out of your house and garden.

Fleas are really well-suited for survival, even in our modern world. Read More

Keep pests off your furry friends and out of your home


It is that time of year again when fleas are noticed and become a pest in your home. They move into your living area via your pets or even possibly through basement windows if outside populations are heavy enough (this has happened to me with my outside dog). To get a jump on whether you Read More