Keep raspberries free of beetle damage – naturally


BugVibes is strapped to the trellis, shaking off beetles as they arrive.

End result from using Bugvibes organic growing method—beautiful raspberries.

Growing beautiful organic raspberries with no chemicals can be challenging. Virtually anywhere in the eastern 2/3 of the USA where raspberries are grown is plagued by Japanese beetles. I know it sounds Read More

Yard signs in my neighborhood

Lawn Signs

These signs scare me and this is one of the reasons I joined this company over 25 years ago. I have raised 3 kids in a number of different properties and have had many different pets; my dog Max for example who lives on the lawn almost every day of the year. I can’t Read More

Battling cucumber beetles

Cucumber Beetle Damage

I was out at the Tipp City Community Gardens yesterday, and saw a handful of cucumber beetles – and it wasn’t long before I saw their handiwork on some of our zucchini plants.

Cucumber beetles are usually yellow with spots or stripes. Striped and spotted beetles actually have slightly different habits, but both eat Read More

Updates from our research farm

Summer Squash

At Gardens Alive!, we don’t just sell plants and seeds – we also do a great deal of research and testing. At our research farm, develop improved varieties, test new plants from our partner horticulturalists, and assure the quality of our stock. Since the farm is such an important part of our business (and since Read More

Composting with Craig

Gardener’s Gold Premium Compost

In this video, I’ll explain how to apply our Gardener’s Gold Compost – it’s an all-natural, organic compost made from the same stuff you put in your compost pile. Whether you make your own compost or purchase it, compost really helps an organic garden flourish.