Feed and weed your lawn in the fall

Spreading WOW Lawn Treatment

I spread WOW Lawn Treatment in my lawn each fall, and again in the spring.

Fall is a very important time to take care of your lawn. Additional rain and cooler temperatures can lead to a green October – a welcome sight, after the off-green August we had here in the Midwest. In order Read More

Forsythia blooms – Game time for weed-killers!

Forsythia Blooms

The forsythias are in bloom in our Tipp City Community Garden! Not only do forsythia blooms look great, they’re a wonderful timer for gardeners who want to get a leg up on weeds. Forsythia blooms are a well-known indicator of each climate’s readiness for weed control.

Forsythia tend to bloom right when those yard-based weeds Read More