How to keep your dogs and cats flea-free naturally


Adult fleas spend most of their time in carpets and upholstery, only jumping onto your pets (or you) when reproducing. A female flea needs a drink of blood before she can lay eggs, which are then usually laid directly on the host animal. Flea eggs are round and light-colored. They are not attached to the Read More

Tackling the Flea Beetle Problem

Flea Beetle Damage

Small “shot holes” in leaves are indicative of flea beetle damage.

A flea beetle can walk, jump and fly, and their size and speed mean that they’re generally pretty stealthy. Unfortunately, they also target almost all vegetable crops and they really wreak havoc on young transplants . You’ll want to know how to look Read More

Bed bug travelling tips: avoiding hotel hitchhikers

Keep Bedbugs out of Suitcases

Rumors of bed bugs can leave even the most unflappable traveler freaked out – and for good reason! Bed bugs in hotel rooms will typically hide around the bed: in the bed frame, mattress, box spring, in the surrounding furniture, wall trim or electrical outlets. If your hotel room is infested, bed bugs will be Read More

Look away if you’re grossed out by dead flies…

Fly Trap Comparison

But I’m thrilled with the performance of our disposable fly traps. This is a photo of a test that was run by a researcher in Colorado for Gardens Alive!. He commented that our trap caught easily twice as many flies in a 2 week time period versus a competitor.

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