Seed Starting with kids

Kids gardening

Inspire your kids and grandkids to become gardeners this year! Our easy-to-use All Roots Seed Starting System is a great way to introduce little ones to growing. The kit comes complete with grow plugs, floating foam tray, plastic base and a humidity dome. The unique design allows grow plugs to absorb just the right amount Read More

Feed and weed your lawn in the fall

Spreading WOW Lawn Treatment

I spread WOW Lawn Treatment in my lawn each fall, and again in the spring.

Fall is a very important time to take care of your lawn. Additional rain and cooler temperatures can lead to a green October – a welcome sight, after the off-green August we had here in the Midwest. In order Read More

How to grow potatoes in grow tubs (video)

How to Grow in Tubs

Craig shows how easy it is to grow potatoes in our Grow Tubs. Aerating soil and harvesting potatoes takes less effort when you use these containers!

Composting with Craig

Gardener’s Gold Premium Compost

In this video, I’ll explain how to apply our Gardener’s Gold Compost – it’s an all-natural, organic compost made from the same stuff you put in your compost pile. Whether you make your own compost or purchase it, compost really helps an organic garden flourish.


Planting radishes among carrots

Organic Radish Mix

This is one of my favorite gardening tricks – and a great solution for that “where did I plant what” puzzlement you might experience when looking at your garden. Carrots (and spinach, and beets) take a long time to germinate, and I often lost sight of where I planted rows, especially when I’m working with Read More

My direct sowing experiment

Moskvich Tomato

Moskvich Tomato

Direct seeding experiment with tomatoes, direct seeded on April 27th.

Every year I like to try something different in my garden. This year’s experiment was to take crops that I would normally start indoors and direct seed them. Because of cool weather it took the seed a while to come up, Read More

June 6 marks National Gardening Exercise Day

Gardening for Exercise

Lots of us have find gardening to be good for the soul – there’s something relaxing about digging in the dirt, and watching a seed grow to its full-size can be truly inspiring. But, do you think of gardening as good for the body, as well?

National Gardening Exercise Day is intended to recognize the Read More

The Cardboard Garden

Cardboard Garden

The Cardboard Garden is a test picked up from gardeners in England that use cardboard laid down first and mounded with compost and soil. This is to help avoid weeds and eliminates the need to roto-till, which wreaks havoc with soil life. For the soil, I used recycled nursery media. The test is planted Read More