Growing Leafy greens in the fall

Organic Kale

Cold weather can keep you from savoring the wholesome taste and nutrition of homegrown leafy greens – but it doesn’t have to just yet! Many of your favorites can be grown well into the fall. There’s an added incentive in that the cold actually sweetens and enhances the vegetables’ flavor. Keen on growing leafy greens Read More

Sweet potato harvest – Video

Sweet Potato Harvest

A few weeks back, I was thrilled to harvest the Murasaki Sweet Potatoes I’d planted in Grow Tubs. This was my first experience with this variety, and I was happy with the yield.

The woodpecker reminded me…

Triple Seed Feeder

As I was planting my favorite red daylilies (love these), the rat-tat-tat of a nearby woodpecker reminded me of another job: cleaning my bird feeders and stocking up on bird food.

Triple Seed Feeder

I clean my feeders every two weeks – and even more often during wet weather and the winter months when Read More

Planting organic garlic in raised beds and grow tubs

Grow Tub Fall Garlic Research Farm 2014 1

I planted some of the Gardens Alive Organic Late Italian Garlic in some Grow Tubs and a raised bed at the Community Garden this past Wednesday. The Grow Tubs were 20 gallons and I planted about 20 cloves. This is pretty tight spacing, but I am always interested in trying to maximize yield in Read More