Craig demonstrates easy container gardening – Video

Easy Container Gardening

Craig demonstrates our new and improved grow tubs – and shows how to easily fill these garden containers.


Health Benefits of Houseplants

Office Houseplant

Houseplants infuse freshness, harmony and inimitable living beauty into our homes. Great as they are for gorgeous decor, houseplants are also highly beneficial to our health and wellbeing.

Houseplants help clean the air

Researchers at NASA have discovered that plant leaves and roots are capable of removing low levels of toxic chemicals like formaldehyde and Read More

St. Patrick’s Day Vegetable Plantings

Potatoes in Grow Bag

March 17th, traditionally known as St. Patrick’s Day, has always been the kick-off to spring vegetable plantings. Many times I have stood in the muck (Ohio Spring Soil) and planted my peas and potatoes in the mire. The problem with our weather is that we still have a little more winter to come and plenty Read More

The best varieties for container gardening

Compact Sunflower

I have spent the last couple of years researching containers and vegetable varieties that would work well for container vegetable growing on your patio, deck, or whatever convenient location you would like. Much research went into finding Grow Tubs. From a plant perspective, I have not found any other container that allows plants to thrive Read More

See What We’ve Learned with This Year’s Harvest!

Grow Tubs

We interviewed our resident garden expert, Craig Harmer, to get his take on some of the new and exciting discoveries made at the research farm in 2014.

Gardens Alive: How did this year’s yields and testing compare to previous years?

Craig Harmer: The Grow Tubs produced amazing quantities of vegetables right from the get-go. Read More