Purple Martins Arriving Soon

Purple Martin

Happy spring! A sure sign that warmer days are ahead is the return of the majestic Purple Martin. The largest North American swallow, these aerial acrobats are entertaining to watch as they swoop and dive in the air feasting on pesky insects—beetles, flies, dragonflies, midges, mayflies, bees, stinkbugs, cicadas, flying ants, damselflies, butterflies, moths, grasshoppers, Read More

Bringing in more birds – and encouraging them to stay!

Keep Bluebirds in Yard

Many birdwatchers bring birds to the garden for the same reason people keep pet birds – to watch their activity and interactions. However, wild birds have to find and fight for food and nesting spots, often leading them to range over wide spaces – and giving you less time to enjoy them. Some upgrades to Read More

Temperatures have dropped – how to help your backyard birds?

Snowy Yard

Temperatures have dropped so low, I am actually happy the kid’s schools are closed! This is a phenomenon that seems to be hitting many parts of the country currently. What do we do about the birds in such extreme cold temperature?

You want to provide your backyard friends with good bird seed, suet and other Read More

Keeping squirrels out of the bird feeder

Squirrel Food

Furry little squirrels with their hyperactive antics are amusing to behold – as long as they keep away from the bird feeder. These cute, playful creatures double as stealthy, pesky pests, stealing bird food, often damaging the feeder in the process, discouraging your favorite birds from visiting. And they’re clever, having been known to find Read More

Feeding your birds with suet

Suet Feeder

Your average adult woodpecker can peck up to 20 times a second, that’s roughly a total of 8,000 to 12,000 pecks a day. Speak of burning calories! The fluffy, feathery, winged, vocal visitors you so fondly invite into your garden require a nutrient-rich diet to support their pleasant, energetic existence. One of the surest ways Read More

Creating a winter habitat for chickadees


Chickadee’s tenacity to stick around through cold winters are one of the characteristics we love about them! They’re one of those classic “Christmas card” birds, and perk up the winter scene in many Midwestern yards. Make your backyard welcoming to these birds, and encourage them to stay all year long.

Chickadee’s typically live on a Read More

Creating a habitat for wildlife with Gardens Alive!

Yellow Warbler

We were lucky to receive a mention from the Juneau County Star-Times this week! This article notes that Gardens Alive! features some great options for environmentally-friendly lawn products that help you maintain your lawn without using harsh chemicals. Conventional lawn chemicals can have a negative affect on birds and other wildlife populating your neighborhood. By Read More

The woodpecker reminded me…

Triple Seed Feeder

As I was planting my favorite red daylilies (love these), the rat-tat-tat of a nearby woodpecker reminded me of another job: cleaning my bird feeders and stocking up on bird food.

Triple Seed Feeder

I clean my feeders every two weeks – and even more often during wet weather and the winter months when Read More

Water features for feathered friends

Bird Baths

Want to place a birdbath in your yard – one that’s actually used by wild birds? Check out a few tips from Gardens Alive’s one-and-only birding expert, Craig Harmer!

Bath should be shallow, easy to clean, and easy for birds to clean in. You’re trying to emulate a natural “puddle,” so clean your birdbath often Read More