Battling cucumber beetles

Cucumber Beetle Damage

I was out at the Tipp City Community Gardens yesterday, and saw a handful of cucumber beetles – and it wasn’t long before I saw their handiwork on some of our zucchini plants.

Cucumber beetles are usually yellow with spots or stripes. Striped and spotted beetles actually have slightly different habits, but both eat Read More

Bee-friending bees

Bees in Garden

With nature’s most proficient pollinators – bees – dying out in startling numbers in the past few years, there’s a newfound appreciation for bees and a much needed sense of urgency to bring an end to the ominous decline of the bee population. Want to help out bees? You need only make a few adjustments Read More

Ladybugs in your house? That’s not necessarily a bad thing!


Ladybugs are among those “good bugs” that gardeners love to keep close in the yard! They keep harmful pests at bay, cause no damage of their own to plants or property, and, let’s face it, they’re adorable.

When the cold weather hits, many homeowners find a large number of ladybugs taking Read More

Bring pollinators to your garden

Feeding Bee

Honeybees have been disappearing in record numbers, and they are not the only pollinators that are imperiled. Some butterflies and native bees have experienced significant population declines also, says Eric Mäder, Assistant Pollinator Program Director for the Xerces Society.

It was just a few years ago that homeowners were asking what they could plant that Read More

A caterpillar conundrum

Swallowtail in Garden

I have some square foot garden mats growing in my raised beds in the community garden. One of the ones that is near harvesting is the Envy Carrot Mat. When I went to check on it, I noticed 6 or 7 large, actually quite beautiful caterpillars munching on my carrot tops. I realized they were Read More

Identifying stink bugs and asparagus beetles in the garden

Spined Soldier Bug

I was checking my garden on Sunday, and decided to have a look at what was happening in my asparagus bed. I immediately noticed Asparagus Beetle activity. First I noticed the adults. There were both types eating my asparagus ferns, the Common and Spotted Asparagus beetle. And then upon closer inspection, I saw the larvae. Read More